Shooting Film Pt. 1 – Super 8

A couple months ago I picked up a Super 8 film camera. I’d wanted one for a while. Had eBay and Kijiji alerts on for something in the Hamilton area, but nothing ever really showed up. Most of the cameras I came across were either in “untested” condition, or were in Australia. And, well, neither of those were very promising leads.

Then a Twitter friend of mine posted a video he’d shot with a Super 8 camera and I just had to ask where he got it. He sent me the Instagram page of a guy in Toronto who sells all sorts of old film gear. Mostly 35mm cameras, but he’d just got a few Super 8’s in. So we talked through Instagram DM’s and I set aside a day to head into Toronto a pick myself up a Canon Autozoom 814 Electronic Super 8.

The timing worked out pretty well. My pal Mike was coming to Toronto from Ohio with his family for a holiday. And my friend Jesse needed to shoot an opening sequence for a YouTube video. So, along with our friend Zach, we hit up the city for an afternoon of small electric vehicles, beer, and checking out the city.

Here’s a video I put together of that first roll of Super 8 film shot on Kodak Vision3 50D.

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